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Wed, the 4th of July 2018


Sweet Cherry & Peach Wine

Sweet Cherry & Peach Wine

Recently got about 10 kg of peaches and about 45 kg of Sweet Cherries.

I tried to press the peaches with a manual presser, but due to perhaps being too hard, the pressing was not successful. So, I decided just to mash them through with a usual big potato masher, and managed to get around four liters of juice.

The picture on the top of the page shows the peach wine that has already begun to brew. This can be seen from the airlock, where the left side is filled with water, but the right side is not, which means that there is a pressure in the jar. (I paint the water with a bit of coffee, so I can better see it from far away :) )

Among the cherries there was a lot of rotten, I would say about 20%, and we had to sort them first, and at the end I managed to get about 10 liters juice, 8 of which went onto the wine, as the jar volume did not allow any more.

The cherry wine has already started to brew as well (see the pic. below). It might be very strong as the sugar percentage at start is 27 (measured with alcohol meter). Perhaps will be to sweet, but we will see. This is the first time in my life I experiment with the Sweet Cherry Wine. Long time ago I used to make wine from Sour Cherry and it was very good.

Sweet Cherry wine 2018 Sweet Cherry wine. Juice - 8L, Yeast - 8 gramm, Sugar - 4 kg.

These two jars are the start of this year's wine season.

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