Online German Language Course from Inga Pavlova

Introduction to the course

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is estimated that around 75 million people in Germany alone and some 20 million people around the world regard German as their native language.

As one of the worldwide languages, German has a great number of publications in life and science. German language also has a very rich and extensive literature that dates all the way from medieval times to present days.

In a today's world German language is the language of great possibilities and wide opportunities. Every man or woman that speaks English must also strive to learn and possess German.

One also has to stress that many German speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland, are countries with many sites of great natural beauty and with many old cities with prehistoric, medieval and Gothic architecture.

At present, there are not so many countries in this world that provide free education for foreign nationals, but Germany is just one of those. As a foreign national you can do your bachelors and masters degree in many places in Germany totally free.

I believe everyone agrees that understanding of a foreign language is a precious resource and provides unlimited number of possibilities in one's future carrier as well as in self development. Therefore, I decided to bring this great language to you.

I am Inga Pavlova. I was born in Kyiv city, in Ukraine and currently live and work in a beautiful city of Krakow, Poland.

I began to study German in my native Ukraine and then continued my studies in Austria and Germany. I was also extending my language skills in various internet resources and decided to create my own German Language Course.

Below, I would like to provide some internet links to a number of useful resources for those that are learning German language.

Viel Spass beim Lernen !

Arbeitsblätter – Exercises :

Very good movie series for beginners::